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Green Co rating system for the it sector

The CII-Godrej Green Business Centre (GBC) launched the GreenCo Rating System for the IT sector on 20 December in Bengaluru.This robust evaluation process would rate the degree of environmental performance of a company and evaluate it on various green parameters, while suggesting the way forward. The GreenCo rating system for SMEs, and for the sugar sector, was launched earlier. As on December 2016, over 250 companies in India are working on the GreenCo rating system, and 30 GreenCo-rated companies have reported savings of about `595 million / year.

Training Programs on Green Buildings were held on 8-9 December, New Delhi, and on 22-23 December in Hyderabad

Eco-industrial Parks

The CII-Godrej GBC, in association with the Jawaharlal Nehru Pharma City (JNPC), Vizag, has initiated a project on transforming the JNPC into an eco-industrial park. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has asked the CII – Godrej GBC to facilitate the ‘Resource-efficient and cleaner production’ pilot project to foster eco-industrial parks in India. The project activities include generating awareness, capacitybuilding, infrastructure needs assessment at the park level, exploration of industrial synergies, and other studies.

As part of the project, a launch workshop was organized on 15 December in Vizag. Dr P P Lal Krishna, CEO, Ramky Pharma City (India) Ltd, said the target industries in the JNPC are expected to benefit from operational costs savings, due to lower consumption of materials, energy and water, and reduced disposal of waste, emissions and waste water, among other benefits.

delegation from Chattisgarh

On 16 December, a delegation of elected representatives from the State of Chattisgarh visited CII Godrej GBC. The visit was organized by the Engineering Staff College of India, as part of a 3 day capacity-building program. The delegates were given a green building tour and a briefing on the activities and initiatives of the Centre.

Source: CII Communique January 2017

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