Building a Sustainable Gaming Future

Today, the gaming industry in India has captivated the imagination of millions of young fans across the country. With over 500 million downloads and a constantly rising user base, India’s gaming sector has enormous potential. 

As a community that fosters creativity, fuels innovation, and weaves inclusivity into every level of the gaming narrative, the Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS) has envisioned a new era for India – one in which our youth’s aspirations are met and our abundant talent pool is harnessed to shape a robust gaming ecosystem. The government’s effort to proactively engaging with the sector is admirable. Their advice has been invaluable in charting the route forward. 

The emergence of eSports, which is now officially recognized by the Sports Ministry, is a natural extension of gaming. Our desire to see India win an eSports medal at the Olympics, ideally on games developed right here in India, is shared by many. 

eSports viewership is increasing, rivalling even cricket on broadcast. This movement in entertainment preferences reflects the changing times, and it is our responsibility to innovate and adapt. 

As an industry, we are really excited about the future of competitive gaming as a sport. There are numerous aspects of the video gaming industry where we must collaborate amongst ourselves as well as with the government to take the appropriate measures and initiate the proper projects. 

It is encouraging to see the confluence of cultures through gaming in the middle of this dynamic. Gaming crosses borders, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce the world to Indian sports and culture. 

In this field, the potential for value generation and growth is limitless. Gaming is at the intersection of history, culture, and technology, providing several potentials for creativity. 

With one in every ten individuals under the age of 25 being Indian, we represent not only consumption but also a wellspring of talent across numerous areas critical to the success of this industry.

Indian Digital Gaming Society

IDGS and CII recently conducted the second edition of the IDGS Gaming Conclave in New Delhi, bringing industry professionals, enthusiasts, and participants together for intriguing discussions and valuable networking. This colloquium delved into numerous aspects of the gaming industry, such as comprehending the India market, investigating investments, collaborating with global players, and even the Indian gaming landscape’s transformational path. It was a memorable event that demonstrated the vibrant and dynamic landscape of India’s gaming sector. 

As we set out to make India a global gaming hub, let us harness the collective energy and ideas that this sector represents and seize the opportunity to create the future of gaming, not only for India, but for the entire globe.

This article is by Rajan Navani, President, IDGS & CEO, JetSynthesys.

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