CII Annual Session 2020: Getting Growth Back

01 Jun 2020

As the world grapples with the impact of the outbreak of Coronavirus which is devastating economies and lives across the globe, the world as we knew it seems to be fading into the distance. With lockdowns and restrictions on movement of goods and people, uncertainty and anxiety, re-organising people and resources and putting in place new policies and procedures becomes imperative to restart the growth process and usher in a new normal.

So, what will be the new normal? How will economic growth be revived and sustained? How will businesses now operate and what will the shift in global value-chains be like? Will technology drive a paradigm shift in the way people and businesses operate? What kind of leadership is required for this new, VUCA world?

The CII Annual Session on 2 June will throw light on these and other important issues as it brings together some of the finest minds from government, industry, think tanks and civil society on a single platform.  With grim projections of economic de-growth, it is imperative that all stakeholders collaborate to arrive at the best possible way forward to re-start the economy in a safe and calibrated manner, keeping in mind ground realities. 

CII has been tirelessly working towards the agenda of reviving economic growth through its policy advocacy and recommendations at the macro-economic level as well as sectoral level. In addition, it is undertaking a slew of measures related to relief and rehabilitation since lives and livelihoods are equally important to save and put back on the growth trajectory. 

CII has, therefore, adopted the theme, ‘Getting Growth Back’ for its Annual Session. As every year, this year also the list of participants includes world leaders and leaders from diverse sectors. 

The Annual Session of CII, which has seen participation of foremost leaders from the government, industry, civil society and other key stakeholders, will be organised virtually this year on 2nd June on CII’s online platform, CII HIVE. 

The year 2020 is especially important for CII as the organisation completes its journey of 125 years of nation building. With the theme of Getting Growth Back, CII re-iterates its commitment to India’s growth and development.

The CII Annual Session 2020 promises to be a harbinger of change as ideas are exchanged with the common aim of getting growth back.

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