CII Movement on LCA & DRA – Industry 4.0: Building a Competitive Industrial Ecosystem

16 Mar 2022

In today’s technology-driven ecosystem, business organizations, small or big, or perhaps original equipment manufacturers or tier-1/2 manufacturers, all must contemplate using and adapting smart technologies to survive in the emerging competitive scenario. Such smart technologies include intelligent automation, digitalization and industrial internet of things (IIOT). Organizations adapting DRA – Industry 4.0 ahead of time will lead the market and sustain growth.

Low-cost automation (LCA) and digitalization, robotics and automation (DRA) are among the industry 4.0 tools that the Confederation of Indian Industry – Institute of Quality (CII-IQ) is driving at a national level. Counselling and handholding support is provided to organizations for identifying the scope of value automation through professional assessments.

It is often found that many industry leaders, management or team members responsible for adaptation of intelligent automation, Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing are under the impression that the implementation of these technologies requires a huge capital investment and a long time to obtain results and returns. They also fear that products, processes, plant and machinery and manpower competency levels will be challenging to achieve.

However, it is very much possible to implement Low-Cost Digitalization (LCD) or Low-Cost IIOT solutions that can be designed, implemented and sustained within the parameters of the organization’s requirements. 

Which are these solutions for organizations with limited budgets or smaller enterprises?

CII-IQ outlines proven and validated wireless technology on Long Range (LoRa) and Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) which is being used for: 

Smart Utilities; Smart Energy Management
Monitoring and autonomous control of processes
Online data capturing, Visualization, Analyzing, Autonomous control & adjustments
Decentralization: Access, Monitor, Analyse, adjust, and control remotely with Internet & Web applications or Mobile App

Low Cost Digitalisation / Industry 4.0 – Using LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN is a wireless network used as WAN (Wide Area Network) because of its wide coverage capabilities, usage of low power, and low data transferring capability. It works on Radio Frequency, and the free Radio Frequency band 865 to 868 MHz is available in India as Government of India rules, applicable since 13 December 2021.

Application & Benefits:

1Online Temp & Humidity Monitoring & Autonomous Control of Chillers, AHU, Humidifiers and ACs etc.Online monitoring and control from anywhere through web app. No need for manual records
2Smart energy monitoring online from any RS485 or ethernet enabled panel metersOnline monitoring, analysis, and predictionsSaving of manpower used for collection, compile, and analysis of data
3Auto buzzer or alarm in case of any deviationAuto alarm and escalation, lead to prompt actions
4Switch On / Off Actuators (e.g. electric motors, relay)Can operate field devices wirelessly through web app or with logical coding / programming
5Water tank filling level control / coolant level monitoring and control. Auto refilling and cut offNo overflow, no underfillAuto On and Off of pumps
6Process parameters monitoring and control and auto adjustmentsRemote monitoring and controlOEE monitoring and improvement

Overall, the above Low-Cost Digitalisation solution needs limited resources and investment to start the journey on Intelligent Automation / Low-Cost Digitalisation (LCD) / Industry 4.0. This solution is possible to execute with internal team members and limited resources. 

The success and outcomes from such initiatives will enhance team engagement and management interest to allocate more budget and resources, adapting these technologies as a strategic initiative with dedicated manpower and budget allocation.

CII-IQ through its “Core Committee on LCA DRA – Industry 4.0” is aggressively working towards accelerating the technology journey for Indian enterprises. It provides the below services to support enterprises in this journey:

  • Counselling support and guidance for adapting DRA and LCD
  • Maturity Assessment Gap Analysis for implementing intelligent automation, which helps to identify the scope of improvement for the organization
  • Opportunity to showcase best-in-class case studies on LCD / DRA – Industry 4.0
  • Frame organization wide strategy for LCD

CII-IQ provides onsite training, consultancy support to the Indian industry on Intelligent Automation, Digitalisation, Robotics and Automation (DRA), and Industry 4.0 implementation approaches. 

For more details, please contact: Mr. Virender Singh, Sr. Counsellor, CII – Institute of Quality, E: