Green Champions of India – CII Initiatives on Promoting Green Practises & Businesses

24 Apr 2018

Adoption of environment friendly practices such as water management, waste management and energy efficiency are crucial for reduced emissions and for ensuring a sustainable growth path for an economy.

Building on this imperative, The Confederation of Indian Industry has undertaken significant efforts including the launch of Green Company (GreenCo) Rating System in the country.

GreenCo Rating System, the first-of-its-kind in the world facilitates Indian companies to adopt and promote environment friendly sustainable practices. GreenCo rating system encourages companies to go green and assesses units on several performance parameters related to energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy, waste management etc. with a focus on improvements and innovation.

HPCL – Visakh LPG Terminal

GreenCo certified companies have achieved notable success in terms of annual savings and lowering their environmental footprint. In this context, we bring forth the achievements of HPCL’s Visakh LPG Terminal.

Located in East Coast of Andhra Pradesh, Visakh Terminal is one of the unique installations in Indian LPG industry. Visakh LPG terminal achieved considerable success in terms of net reduction and savings in consumption of vital resources like energy and water by adopting eco-friendly technologies and cutting edge tools.

The LPG terminal is a unique initiative, as for the first time in industry, the company installed solar light pipes in their control room to utilize natural lighting. By refracting the outer sunlight into the building, the solar light pipes helps in reducing the dependency on artificial lighting systems. This has offset the usage of artificial lighting during daytime operations and has resulted in overall energy reduction of 6768 units/annum. Further, installation of sky shelves in the facility to maximize daylight use has led to a reduction of 20 C in the building. The rooms are also provided with daylight sensors.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

HPCL has installed 130kWp solar power plant to offset conventional energy consumption.

Shift wise monitoring of crucial equipment like pumps and compressor is being carried out and their loading patterns are being studied to deduce the optimal operating point of each equipment.

LEDfication of building and high mast have substantially reduced energy consumption from lighting load.

Tail gas monitoring was carried out for the company’s cylinder trucks and bulk LPG tankers for study emissions.

Stimulation driving tests were conducted to assess driver performances on the road and for benchmarking performance standards for driving.

Water Conservation

HPCL has installed 5 phytoremediation plants with 15 KLD capacity, the largest in the industry for water recycling. Additionally, a rainwater harvesting pond has been developed that has resulted in ground water saving of 1200kL.

Material Conservation, Recycling and Recyclability

An innovation was implemented in pigging activity wherein the residual LPG present in the pig barrel was recovered by use of emergency rescue vehicle. The innovation resulted in savings of about 13.5 MT. The beneficial results has led to GAIL adopting the technique for its operations.

The company has also started implementing double printing in work permits and gate passes which has helped in reduction of paper consumption by 47%.

The company has adopted a facility for reduction in safety cap consumption by imposing a penalty of cylinder receipts without cap, resulting resource savings of 81%.

Product Stewardship

More than 2700 stakeholders have been trained for creating awareness and training on safety and sustainability in LPG use.

A flagship program “Sachet” was initiated to inculcate a culture of safety, by following behaviour based safety in handling LPG products within the plant premises.

An online complaint management system has been developed for speedy customer complaint redressal. The app ‘Ezygas’ has been developed for delivery boys for tracking delivery periods to ensure better supply chain management and control.

This is just one of the many stories of GreenCo certified companies that have achieved notable success in terms of adopting environment friendly practises and successfully lowering their environmental footprint. With over 400 companies working on the GreenCo rating (including 147 GreenCo rated companies); these companies are well on their way to become greener.

CII works closely with the Government on various policy issues related to Indian industry’s sustainability goals and is committed to serving Indian Industry in becoming more sustainable, profitable and world-class.


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