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21 Jun 2021

Yoga has been an integral part of the Indian tradition, culture, and lifestyle since the very beginning and has been well accepted in different parts of the world as a means to lead a healthy and balanced life. The International Yoga Day, which is on 21 June this year, gives us an opportunity to bind ourselves to this important science of ancient India to make our lives and living a more holistic experience. 

The word ‘yoga’ has its root in the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which could be translated as ‘to unite’. Yoga is a holistic discipline that brings a balance between the body and the mind. According to yogic scriptures, the science of yoga helps to connect the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness and takes us a step closer towards attaining a disease-free body and a peaceful mind. 

It is a technique that brings an improvement on a mental and physical level by means of posture, breathing control methods, and silencing the mind through meditation. There has been significant growth in the adoption of yoga amongst health-conscious people. Mindfulness and self-control practices like yoga encourage individuals to be aware, accept and deal better with everyday emotions like stress, anxiety, aggression-linked thoughts, which are very common symptoms of the present day. 

The current pandemic has catalysed our need of maintaining optimum health and immunity. The practices of Pranayam or breathing techniques have found a special place in our lives for having a positive effect on our lungs and other bodily functions, empowering them to fight COVID. 

The Government of India, under the aegis of the Ministry of Ayush, has been aggressively promoting the adoption of yoga through various initiatives such as yoga education, training programmes, and others.  

In line with the Government’s efforts, under the aegis of CII’s Healthcare Council, from this year the CII Core Group on Ayurveda is being repositioned to CII Core Group on Ayush. Under this, different sub-segments of Ayush have been formulated that include Ayurveda; Yoga; Naturopathy; Unani; Siddha; Sowa-Rigpa; Homeopathy. 

The CII sub-group on Yoga in collaboration with the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India is keen on undertaking various initiatives to promote yoga. Some of them being:

Yoga series for the corporate world to run for a year on a periodical basis. (Weekly basis) 
Interaction on yoga to be based on scientific evidence with a focus on mental, spiritual, and healthy well-being 
Launch of yoga movement by making ‘Yoga in the Workplace’ to bring harmony in the workplace 

The main objective is to promote, develop and disseminate yoga among the general public for the prevention of disease and health promotion. Also, to educate people about prevention of diseases, adopting a healthy lifestyle and good living habits, by live Yoga demonstration and yoga therapy sessions. Yoga experts would perform a live demonstration of yogic asanas and also guide the treatment of various diseases through yoga.

Market Size: 

A study by the Allied Market Research reveals that the yoga industry generated $37.46 billion in 2019, and is expected to generate $66.22 billion by 2027.

Growth Drivers: 

The demand for yoga increased ever since the pandemic started, with the need to remain fit and healthy taking centre stage across the world. 
Online yoga classes gained traction as yoga studios closed, amidst the need to maintain social distancing, lockdown rules, etc. 

Yoga is an integral part of the wellness segment and holds the promise to become an important growth driver of the services economy. With a steady rise in demand, combined with encouragement by the Government, we can look forward to the sector emerging as one of the potential sectors. 

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