Moving Towards a Circular Economy Through Innovative 3R Approaches

22 Nov 2022

The world is adopting newer, innovative, cost-effective approaches and solutions to address the growing menace of waste. It is important for a country like India, where the population is very large and waste management practices are not yet fully adhered, to adopt innovative and scientific management of waste that are socially, environmentally and commercially sustainable.

Many innovations and solutions are available and to some extent practised in many parts of the country by industries, start-ups and ULBs to manage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). However, large scale implementation of solutions is yet to be seen.

Similarly, Indian industry have adopted and practised processes and solutions to encourage Reducing, Reducing and Recycling of plastic & packaging waste, e-waste and waste generated in industrial activities or waste generated from their own activities. Most of the industry follows stipulated guidelines of waste management through sanitary landfills and other processes. However, there are businesses, primarily MSMEs, that are yet to fully adopt such practices.

The industry is also conscious about the fact of waste generated by the consumers/users while consuming/using their products and is in constant process of designing their products those will increasingly use non-polluting materials and will generate minimum waste at the users end. However, Industry’s efforts in designing their products including its packaging are still not adequate.

It is important to capture and disseminate the best practices for others to follow and at the same time to recognise and reward the industry, start-ups and ULBs who have setup benchmarks in-

Managing waste generated in by industry from their own activities
Designing, developing products those will generate minimal waste at the user’s end
Managing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) 
Managing plastic & packaging and e-waste
Innovative Solutions by Start-ups for Sustainable Waste management, and 
Excellence of MSW management by ULBs

While waste is a significant global problem, it has the potential to generate value added products and improve economy of the country if exploit suitably. Various conscious efforts have been taken by Government of India under Swatch Bharat Mission (SBM), Reducing, Reusing and Recycling (3R) wastes and extracting values from wastes by adopting the concept of circular economy with 3R principles.

The 7th CII International Conference on Waste-to-Worth 

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) towards encouraging the concept of circular economy with 3R principles for better waste management across the country, has been working towards policy and practices of waste management under its waste to worth initiatives.

Towards taking its endeavour further, CII this year jointly with the Office of Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA), the Government of India is organizing the 7th edition of International Conference on Waste-to-Worth on30 November 2022 with the theme – ‘Moving towards a Circular Economy through innovative 3R approaches.’ 

The conference is also supported by Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Government of India. The Norway is the Partner Country for the Conference and would be graced by the presence of Prof Ajay K. Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. 

The objective of this Conference is to bring together Indian industry, technology providers, investors and waste management companies both domestic & international on single platform to deliberate on techno-business solutions towards keeping India clean in a sustainable manner and encourage the adoption of 3R practices.

Experts will convene and deliberate on five interesting technical sessions including Best Practices & Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Waste Management- India & Abroad, Augmenting India’s Plastic Waste Value Chain with EPR, E-waste Management in India: Circular Economy, Making Refuse Derived Fuel from MSW market sustainable, and Understanding Solid Waste Management- Policy, Prospects, and Problems.

The conference would also honour the industries, start-ups and Municipal Corporations in 07 categories with the CII 3R Awards, a National Waste Management which play an important role in setting benchmarks for the industries to introduce or follow the best practices to reduce waste, recycle and re-use. 

To participate in the event, register here. 

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