Recognising Excellence in Water Management

19 Apr 2021

Businesses with high water usage can now assess and explore their water management systems and participate in the CII National Awards for Excellence in Water Management.

Water is the lifeline of ecosystems, vital to human health and well-being and an absolute necessity for economic prosperity. However, growing water demand, poor water management and climate change have increased water stress in many parts of the world.

India’s has finite and fragile water resources which are right now are under stress and depleting. Also, demand is growing rapidly in line with urbanization, population increases, rising incomes and industrial growth.

India is among the ten major water users in the world in terms of volume. It is also the largest user of groundwater pumping.

India’s water management is facing a major paradigm shift. This is to happen within a new legal and institutional regulatory framework, with new groundwater legislation, a new regulatory authority bill and a new water framework law, given the sensitivity around the constitutional status of water in India.

One of the most important goals of the National Water Mission is to improve the efficiency of water use at least by 20%. The objective can be achieved by ensuring improved efficiency both on the demand side as well as the supply side.

The average annual per capita water availability had declined from 1816 cubic metre in 2001 to 1545 cubic meter in 2011, and is expected to further decline to 1367 cubic meters by 2031.  As per United Nations, any region with annual water availability below 1700 cubic meters per person is a water-stressed region. 

According to UNICEF, less than 50% of the population in India has access to safely managed drinking water. Out of 189 million rural households, only 27% households have tapped water connection.

In order to recognize the industry’s contribution for making a water secure world, through operations, innovation or CSR practices, CII Triveni Water Institute has organized the CII National Awards for Excellence in Water Management.

For over a decade, CII–National Awards for Excellence in Water Management have been celebrating and awarding good and innovative water conservation & management practices undertaken by industries from varied sectors. Since inception, these Awards have recognized over 500 industries – both public and private, for their initiatives towards Efficient Water Management.

The awards assist companies to identify their strengths and opportunities in water management by leveraging  the comprehensive and rigorous assessment and feedback for self-improvement.

Businesses are also able to replicate good water management practices adopted by participating companies through knowledge sharing and peer learning.

Within the fence –

The award recognizes companies who have done well with respect to improving water use efficiency and have an integrated approach for wastewater management system which includes recycle, recovery and reuse of industrial effluents.

Beyond the fence –

This category of the award looks at work done by the company at watershed scale and with communities for improving state of water resources along with enhancing opportunities for livelihoods and socio-economic development.

Innovative Water Saving Product –

Under this, the award identifies companies involved in manufacture of water efficient equipment or products, which have an impact on water management, either by reducing freshwater consumption or enhancing wastewater recycling/ reuse and recovery.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are also eligible to participate in the process and are encouraged to apply under any category. They will be assessed and compared with other MSMEs.

The awards are conferred after a transparent and rigorous assessment process that includes 3 levels of scrutiny and verification viz: evaluation of questionnaires and claims therein; application of Water Tools; and finally, verification.

The results of each assessment are reviewed by a pre-eminent jury, comprising of former policy makers, representatives of Government, industry and academia at two stages before arriving at the final decision.

Last day to apply is 15th May 2021. To apply, click here.

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