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21 Jan 2021

The Confederation of Indian Industry launched the India Business and Disability Network last year to further the cause of inclusion, especially amongst corporates. Launched in partnership with the Employers’ Federation of India (EFI) and ILO – CII Global Business and Disability Network (CII IBDN) is a platform for advocacy and dialogue, for cross learnings between companies, and it also acts as a bridge for companies to connect with suitable NGOs / disability organizations and solution-providers in the inclusion ecosystem. Today, the CII IBDN is a growing tribe of companies walking the talk and are champions of the inclusion agenda. 

CII has now taken a step ahead in its journey to promote inclusion and diversity. On the eve of World Disability Day in 2020, CII IBDN launched Sambhav, a networking platform for persons with disabilities and their caregivers. Sambhav has been launched in partnership with the NatWest Group India (formerly RBS India).

This first-of-a-kind online platform will bring together parents and carers of persons with disabilities, experts, and volunteers working in the disability field apart from persons with disabilities, allowing them to connect to share experience-based learning and information about resources for the greater good of all. Experts on the platform will respond to specific queries posted by community members. It seeks to create a robust network of people in the disability ecosystem. The platform will be an open solution exchange, where members are free to seek recommendations, post queries, provide advice and suggestions, and share life experiences. 

Sambhav has been developed after analyzing existing disability forums and websites, which revealed a need for a platform that caters specifically to the needs of those engaged in the disability sector in India. Before the launch of Sambhav, a survey was conducted by CII’s partner, NatWest Group India, among employees with disabilities, parents/caretakers of people with disabilities, and those working in the disability space. The findings revealed that:

50% of the respondents felt a need to connect to other people going through similar experiences. 
64% of the parents or caretakers did not have any support group during the initial days after learning about the disability. Even among those who had support, 75% of them said that it was not easy to find support groups. 
79% of persons with disabilities or their caregivers found it difficult to search for specialists online. Most relied on references from friends. Therefore, there was a strong need for a credible source for such information, even online.
79% of the respondents were comfortable sharing their stories or life experiences with others going through similar experiences.

Sambhav is expected to emerge as an anchor platform bringing together diverse stakeholders in the disability ecosystem. It will foster an empathetic and supportive ecosystem for persons with disabilities, allowing them to reach their full potential.  

The platform can be accessed through the CII IBDN website –

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